what your baby looks

Every mother-to-be who is going through the magical journey of being a mother makes certain assumptions and expectations regarding their babies’ looks and appearances. But it might surprise you that your baby won’t look exactly how you imagine his afterbirth look.

If you are wondering about your baby’s looks after delivery then here we have some useful facts for you.

1- Skin 

Right after being born, your baby will be entirely covered in blood, amniotic fluid, and vernix a white sticky material that protects their skin inside. Their feet and hands might look bluish and cold to touch. However, the circulatory system of your baby gets fixed within a few days of birth.

2- Head and Face 

If you have a normal vaginal delivery, your baby’s head might seem cone head due to the pressure applied on the skull by the birth canal. However, in the case of a C-section, the head will be round. As far as the face is concerned, the face might have bruises that go away within a few days of birth, but in the case of forceps-birth, it might take longer than that.

3- Arms, Feet, and Hands 

Your baby will be born with rather short legs and arms. The hands and feet will be bluish rather than being pink in appearance. The skin of the hands and feet will be a bit wrinkled.

4- Genitals 

Even the genitals of your baby are not in their natural form during birth. During birth, due to the heavy rush of hormones, the genitals might appear swollen and enlarge. In the case of baby girls, you might witness an enlarge vulva, but it gets back to its normal shape in few days while for the boys their scrotal sac takes longer than that.

We hope this will make you prepare for your little angels after a birth look and give you an idea about your baby’s looks after birth.