Earliest Pregnancy Symptoms Before Missed Period

Do you want to learn about the earliest pregnancy symptoms before the missed period? A common question most women ask why do I feel pregnant before my period? This question is not uncommon; these are called imaginary pregnancy symptoms. So let’s find out what these are.

Early Signs of Pregnancy Before Missed Period

Below are some early signs and symptoms of pregnancy you may experience before a missed period.

• Darkening Areolas 

You may notice the areolas (the area around your nipples) darkness. This sign can appear early as 1 or 2 weeks after conception, and it is the first pregnancy sign.    

• Sensitive and Sore Breasts 

Sensitives and sore breasts are the earliest pregnancy symptoms. You may feel tender breasts when you touch, or heavier and full than the normal breasts. The rising level of progesterone causes this.    

• Cervical Mucus

The cervical mucus is another symptom of pregnancy; you may experience vaginal discharge initially. This happens due to increased vagina blood flow and hormones.    

• Nausea 

Morning stickiness and nausea usually start in the fifth to sixth weeks of pregnancy. Pregnancy nausea is the worst for most women.    

• Fatigue

 Fatigue is also the most common sign in the first month of pregnancy. This happens due to hormonal changes. Your blood pressure and blood sugar levels are lower at this time.    

• Implanting Bleeding

 Most women experience implantation bleeding, bleeding, or light spotting, about 9 to 15 days after conception.    

Final Verdict

Most women ask this ‘why I feel pregnant before my period?’ There is no way to know the pregnancy before missing the period. These signs of pregnancy before a missed period help you determine you are pregnant. If you are not sure to contact a doctor and after taking a blood or urine test so you can start the parental care.