4 Tips to Help your baby sleep Longer Stretches

Those sleepless nights with your newborn might be the first and the biggest parenthood challenge. Every child is different when it comes to sleep, and every new parent might find themselves caught in a situation where their baby just doesn’t let them sleep.

If you are dealing with newborn sleep issues, then we have some great tips to get your newborn to sleep.

1- Swaddling

Babies constantly show the startle reflex and might experience some jerking movements during sleep. These reflexes and jerks make the baby awake and thus shortening his nap. One of the best ways to avoid this issue is to use swaddling. The baby feels more comfortable and safe in a swaddle and has longer naps.  

2- Shorter Naps during the Day

Restricting the nap duration of your baby during the day might help him get a longer sleep in the night. You have to be brave to wake a sleeping baby, but at the end of the day, it is for his wellbeing and health.  

3- Seek Assistance from White Noises

The babies are used to noises during their stay in the uterus. So if you are thinking about giving them a quiet sleeping environment, you might be wrong. Arrange a white noise in your baby’s room; it could either be a fan or anything that makes medium level noises to make your baby sleep in noise as well.  

4- Adjust the Diaper Changing Routine

Change your baby is diaper before feeding him to let him sleep immediately after feeding in the night. If you choose to change his diaper after he finishes his feeding, it might signal him about the playtime, and he might become more active, thus refusing to sleep.    

How you tackle your newborn sleep endeavor? Also, how did you discover our tips to urge your newborn to sleep?

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