Summer Safety Tips for Babies

Summer is a harsh and dry season. Babies and toddlers' skin is so sensitive; they cannot bear dangerous rays of the sun directly. It can make them ill. Summer is a difficult season when it comes to taking care of your baby. No matter how hard you try, you cannot escape from the scorching heat of the sun. Babies and toddlers are more sensitive than adults. They can easily get a sunburn.
Hot summer can make your baby dehydrated, distressed, and badly sick. They need to be moisturized five times more than an adult. Summer is not an easy season for everyone, but especially for babies and toddlers, you just need to adopt several cautions. Keeping your babies' skin protected should be the number one priority in summer.

Here are a few Summer Safety Tips for Babies every parent needs to know:

Sun protection

Centre for Disease Control CDC recommended putting sun blocking cream to you and your baby before going out. Try to put the sunblock after two hours. If your baby is sweating, then wipe it off, wash his face and apply it again.

Keep your baby under the shade

The important thing is to protect your child on a hot sunny day. Try to keep your child in a shadow-like beach umbrella. Also, keep a child beach tent, which is mostly liked by children.

Light colors dressing

While going out in summer, it is important to wear light colors. Dark colors attract the sun and absorb heat. Always try to wear light color because they absorb less light from the sun, and body temperature remains normal.

Keep child hydrated

To avoid dehydration, you need to keep your child more hydrated. Drinking plenty of water can avoid dehydration.

Room temperature

The temperature of the room should be moderate because your child needs a normal temperature. If the temperature rises or gets low, it can harm your child. Take precautions before setting the room temperature of your children.

Kids in cars

When you are moving out with your child in the car, make sure they have proper seats and are safe, especially newborn babies. Here are a few safety tips for babies: 

  • Make sure their special seat is available.
  • The seat nearest to the mirror is covered so that baby is protected from the sunlight. 
  • Use bug spray so that your child stays harmless. 
  • Never leave your children near or in the car alone. 
  • Mostly forward-facing seats of the car are extra warm then back seats, so try to keep your child in the back seat. 

Consult the doctor if it is mandatory

If your child is facing signs of dehydration or having rashes and they are not overcoming by conventional methods. If it appears to struggle hard with the heat and witnessing uneasy, then you need a doctor.
New parents need to have precautions for the first summer because it is a little more complicated than other summers. You need to know the needs of your baby. Feed them fresh juice if any problem faces, never hesitate to contact a doctor.


Summer brings fun and happiness for babies, but it can be tough for them. Babies’ skin is very sensitive and delicate. It needs a lot of care and attention when you are going under the sun. It is better to keep your babies under shades. Keep an eye on every movement of your baby. Make notes and keep track of what your baby needs the most. Feed them a lot of liquid, such as water and organic juices. Keep changing their wet clothes and diapers. By following these tips, you can easily save your baby from distress.