10 Things I Wish I’d Done When I Was Pregnant

Are you pregnant or planning to get pregnant? If yes, then make sure to have fun during your pregnancy. It’s better to plan ahead and do some interesting things during your pregnancy rather than regretting after the delivery.
Let’s look into 10 things to do when you are pregnant.

1. Professional maternity shoot

Having a child in your belly is a painful yet life-changing experience. After the birth of your child, you miss the movement of your baby in your belly. Taking belly pictures and recording your whole 9-month pregnancy is one of the best 10 things to do when you are pregnant. Consider at least a maternity shoot during the third trimester, if not all, trimesters.

2. Embrace & love your belly

Pregnancy is a bliss that many women don't have, therefore embrace & love your pregnant body. Make sure to embrace all your stretch marks, curves, and swollen fingers.

3. Record your pregnancy journey

Start enjoying and appreciating your body right after knowing that you’re pregnant. It’s going to be the best part of your life, so this journey is worth recording.
After giving birth to your baby, you may feel jealous to see women posting their belly growth on Instagram. Make sure to have this forethought & discipline to take pictures of your belly growth from the first month to the ninth month.

4. Listen to music each day before going to bed

Listening to soothing & relaxing music doesn’t only make you feel relaxed, but it programs your baby to know that it’s time to sleep. There’s a good chance that if your baby refuses to sleep, tuning in to the same music that you used to hear during pregnancy would make him/her sleep.

5. Take some me-time

It's common advice and one of the essential things to do during pregnancy. However, most women ignore it. Certain useful benefits are attached to this practice. It helps you understand your emotional state and enables you to handle yourself more efficiently. So apart from sleeping for at least 8 hours & enjoying your pregnancy, make sure to take some me-time.

6. Announce your pregnancy in a fun way

Instead of telling your partner, family, and friends about your pregnancy in a common way, consider announcing it in a fun way. Pregnancy is always exciting, so make sure to share this news with your friends & family in an interesting way.

7. Workout

Exercise & physical activity are among the essential things to do during pregnancy. Don’t ignore the importance of workout during pregnancy because this habit would stay with you after the delivery. If you do some workout during your pregnancy, it keeps you healthy and encourages you to continue workout postpartum.
Doing exercise during pregnancy inspires you. It makes you realize that if you can exercise while you're pregnant, then after the pregnancy as well.

8. Email your baby

It’s a great way to share during pregnancy thoughts with your baby. Create an email account for your baby and write emails to that account. When your baby is old enough, share the email id & password with your children. Write conversational emails and explain your feelings to your baby.

9. Prepare for labor

One common mistake that most pregnant women make is ignoring the thoughts about labor. The best thing is to prepare for labor & breastfeeding. Read educational material and talk to your mother & friends. Learn how to prepare for labor & breastfeeding and apply the knowledge to yourself.

10. Organize baby shower

Don’t think that baby showers are for idiots. It’s a fun event where family & friends share your happiness. Remember that “happiness is only real when shared.”

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